It Was Necessary – Part 4 – Luke 24:13-35

It Was Necessary – Part 4 – Luke 24:13-35

My hearts’ a mirror dim and bright,
A compound strange of day and night;
Of dung and diamonds, dross and gold,
Of summer heat and winter cold.

Down like a stone I sink and dive,
Yet daily upward soar and thrive.
To heaven I fly, to earth I tend;
Still better grow, yet never mend.

As all amphibious creatures do,
I live in land and water to;
To good and evil equal bent,
I’m both a devil and a saint.

To duty seldom I adhere,
Yet to the end I persevere;
I die and rot beneath the clod,
Yet live and reign as long as God.

The Mystery of the Saint’s Old and New Man
By Ralph Erskine

Passage: Luke 24:13-35


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