Paradise Gained – Luke 23:43

Paradise Gained – Luke 23:43

If saints gain such glorious things at death, well may they desire it. Does not everyone desire preferment? Faith gives a title to heaven: death gives the possession. Though we should be desirous of doing service here, yet we should be ambitious of being with Christ. We should be content to live, but willing to die. Is it not a blessed thing to be freed from sin, and to lie forever in the bosom of divine love? Is it not a blessed thing to meet our godly relations in heaven, and to be singing divine anthems of praise among the angels? Does not the bride desire the marriage day especially if she has the prospect of a crown? What is the place we now live in, but a place of banishment from God? We are in a wilderness, while angels live at court. Here we are combating with Satan, and should we not desire to be out of the bloody field, where the bullets of temptation fly fast, and receive a victorious crown? – Thomas Watson

Passage: Luke 23:43

Numbers 26
Numbers 27


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