This Is Love – Romans 5:6-11 – Part 1

This Is Love – Romans 5:6-11 – Part 1

An argument begins here, which is from the greater to the lesser. If Christ, he says, had mercy on the ungodly, if he reconciled enemies to his Father, if he has done this by the virtue of his death, much more easily will he save them when justified, and keep those restored to favor in the possession of it, especially when the influence of his life is added to the virtue of his death. When, therefore, we were weak, that is, when we were in no way worthy or fit that God should look on us, at this very time Christ died for the ungodly: for the beginning of religion is faith, from which they were all alienated, for whom Christ died. And this also is true as to the ancient fathers, who obtained righteousness before he died; for they derived this benefit from his future death. – John Calvin

Passage: Romans 5:6-11

Psalm 110


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