A Couple Approved by God – Romans 16:3-5

A Couple Approved by God – Romans 16:3-5

For though they did not publicly preach, at least not Priscilla, yet they were very useful in their private conferences and instructions, both to ministers of the Gospel, as in the case of Apollos, and to young Christians: as the apostle, wherever he went, was instrument of the conversion of many souls; these were helpful privately in encouraging the young converts, comforting them with their own experiences and thereby helped them forward, instructed, strengthened, and established them; and so were greatly assistant to the apostle in the work of the Lord Jesus. They exposed themselves to great danger to save the apostle’s life: the allusion is to the manner of executions by beheading, and to one person’s laying down his head, and offering his neck to the executioner the room of another: this we are not to suppose was literally done; but the design of the expression is, that in some shape or another they risked their own lives for the apostle’s. – John Gill

Passage: Romans 16:3-5

Acts 21:1-26


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