Spiritual Gifts – Part 1 – Romans 12:3-8

Spiritual Gifts – Part 1 – Romans 12:3-8

By “prophesying” is meant, not foretelling things to come, thought this gift was bestowed upon some, as Agabus, and others in the Christian church; but this, as it is of an extraordinary nature, so it is not stinted and limited according to the proportion of faith; but preaching the Gospel is here designed, which is the sense of the word in many places of Scripture, particularly in 1 Corinthians 13:2. Now such who have this gift of prophecy, or of opening and explaining the Scriptures, ought to make use of it, and constantly attend toil: “let us prophesy”; diligently prepare for it by prayer, reading and meditation, and continually exercise it as opportunity offers; nor should any difficulty and discouragement deter from it. – John Gill

Passage: Romans 12:3-8

Acts 2:1-21


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