The Godly Man’s Picture – Part 5 – Romans 12:9-21

The Godly Man’s Picture – Part 5 – Romans 12:9-21

The godly are a sacred priesthood. The priesthood under the law was honorable. The king’s daughter was wife to Jehoiada the priest (2 Chron. 22:11). It was a custom among the Egyptians to have their kings chosen from their priests. The saints are a divine priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices (1 Pet 2:9). They are co-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17). They are kings (Rev. 1:6). Novarinus tells of an ancient king who invited a company of poor Christians and made them a great feast. On being asked why he showed so much respect to people of such poor birth and extraction, he told them, “These I must honor as the children of the most high God. They will be kings and princes with me in the eternal world.” The godly are in some sense higher than the angels. The angels are Christ’s friends; these are his spouse. The angels are called morning stars (Job 38:7)—but the saints are clothed with the Sun of righteousness (Rev. 12:1). – Thomas Watson

Passage: Romans 12:9-21


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